12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe



In order to save water consumption, which has become a serious problem, polyethylene pipes can be used to transport this vital substance and even transport other liquids and even gases. . These pipes are made of polyethylene polymer and have high flexibility. Polyethylene is a special and very widely used material all over the world, which has different types. 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe is one of several different models of polyethylene pipes that are used in various fields.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a plastic resin made from the copolymerization of ethylene and a small amount of hydrocarbons, and is a very popular material for water pipes. Polyethylene pipe with a pressure of 12.5 atmospheres is one of the HDPEs that are produced with high density by Vala Polymer and are offered in the pipe and irrigation equipment market. These tubes provide a reliable and economical solution to the industry’s need for strong, clean and moisture resistant plastic core tubes. Using Valapolymer products is the solution for many big projects in our country and around the world.

12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe specifications

12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe due to having a better structure, more resistance, high efficiency, production with the best and highest quality raw materials and… for water transfers in uneven areas such as mountainous areas or valleys are used. Since it is not possible to excavate mountainous areas or valleys and create water supply channels in them, 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipes are used for water supply. Other specifications of 12.5 bar polyethylene pipe can be mentioned:

  • They are made of high quality polyethylene and are produced according to INSO14427-2 global standard tables.
  • The thickness of their walls varies between 11.4 and 12.7 mm.
  • They are able to withstand a pressure of 12.5 bar (atmosphere) and their tolerable pressure in the state of tension is equal to 15.5 atmosphere.
  • One meter of 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe is about 4.08 kg.
  • They are resistant to external and internal pressures. It also offers impact resistance, slow crack growth, long-term hydrostatic resistance (compressibility) and temperature resistance.
  • They can be used in drinking water transmission lines of cities and villages. These pipes are used in mining, drainage systems, water networks, water transmission, gas collection lines and storage areas.

12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe

  • They are durable and highly resistant to chemicals and have a slippery and shiny inner surface.
  • Easily installed and there is no waste during assembly.
  • They can be used for irrigation under pressure such as rain irrigation, drip irrigation, etc.
  • They can be used to transfer water in mountainous and rocky areas or flat lands and plains, as well as transfer sewage or chemicals.
  • These pipes can also be used to build fishing boats, to build cages for breeding edible and ornamental fish in the sea and lakes.
  • The material grade is PE 80 and high density.
  • The walls are polished, anti-rust and anti-corrosion and are easily connected.
  • Has national and international certificates and approvals.

The price of 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

Different qualities and grades of 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe are offered and sold in various centers and stores, and their prices will also be different according to their quality and grade. . Also, the diameter and pressure of the pipe, along with the raw materials for the production of these pipes, also affect their price. Since the prices are not fixed and can be changed at any moment due to the extreme fluctuations of the exchange rate and the rapid changes of the market, please contact Vala Polymer to inquire about the price of 12.5 bar polyethylene pipe.

Purchase 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer

Wala Polymer Manufacturing Industries, by producing and supplying all kinds of polyethylene pipes for irrigation and water supply, gas supply, sewage and industrial transmission, is trying to realize the macro policy of improvement and productivity in the industry. The country’s water should take useful steps. All production lines are equipped with advanced process quality control systems, guaranteeing the quality of manufactured products. For free consultation, to get comprehensive information about 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe price list and 12.5 bar pressure polyethylene pipe purchase from Vala Polymer, you can contact our experts in this collection. Take it.

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