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In the past, pipes were used for plumbing, which rotted over time and deposits accumulated in them. With the production and supply of polyethylene pipes, consumers were able to get rid of existing problems and reduce costs. These pipes are made of polyethylene polymer and have high flexibility. Polyethylene is a popular, special and very widely used material around the world, which is usually produced for use as water pipes in different qualities and in different types. 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipes are one of several different models of polyethylene pipes that are used in various fields.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a plastic resin made from the copolymerization of ethylene and a small amount of another hydrocarbon, and is a very popular material for water pipes. Polyethylene pipe with a pressure of 16 atmospheres is one of the HDPEs that are produced with high density by Vala Polymer Company and are offered in the pipe and irrigation equipment market.

16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe specifications

The 16-bar pressure polyethylene pipe, although it looks big and thick; But it is very light. Other specifications of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe include:

    • These pipes are made of polyethylene, with high compression and resistant to chemicals and heat.
    • It is single-walled and has different sizes. Their outer diameter is 5 inches equal to 125 mm.
    • The thickness of the wall varies between 11.4 and 1.7 mm and the weight of one meter of these pipes is about 4.08 kg.
    • According to the raw materials used in the construction and the thickness of the pipes, they can withstand different pressures during irrigation.
    • Due to their light weight, they are easily transported and their vulnerability is very low.
    • They are very resistant to impact and pressure, heat and heat, rust and corrosion resistant and can withstand very low temperatures; They do not break or crack at negative temperatures.

16 bar polyethylen plastic bag

      • They are very easy to install and do not require any kind of connections, even they can be installed in rough and uneven soils.
      • It is very resistant to chemicals. It is sensitive to the environment. Their inner surface is slippery and shiny. It does not cause calcification and rust.
      • It is easy to transport and load. Provides heat and sound insulation. It offers the highest performance. It is simply installed and there is no waste in the assembly.
      • They have ISO9001 and DIN8074 European international certifications.
      • These pipes are used in mining, drainage systems, water networks, water transmission, gas collection lines and storage areas.
      • 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipes are used in the transmission and distribution of water under pressure, normal irrigation without pressure and under pressure, rain and drip irrigation in fields, greenhouses and gardens.
      • Among their other uses, we can mention the irrigation of urban and rural green spaces.

The price of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

Different qualities and grades of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipes are offered and sold in various centers and stores, and their prices will also vary according to their quality and grade. Was. Since the prices are not fixed and can be changed at any moment due to the extreme fluctuations of the exchange rate and the rapid changes of the market, please contact our experts at Vala Polymer to inquire about the price of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe. p>

Buying 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer

Wala Polymer Manufacturing Industries, by producing and supplying all kinds of polyethylene pipes for irrigation and water supply, gas supply, sewage and industrial transmission, is trying to realize the macro policy of improvement and productivity in the industry. The country’s water should take useful steps. All production lines are equipped with advanced process quality control systems, guaranteeing the quality of manufactured products. You can contact our experts in the collection for free consultation, comprehensive information about price list of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe and purchase of 16 bar pressure polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer.

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