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The influence that polyethylene pipes have left in various industries and sectors today is not hidden from anyone. The use of polyethylene pipes has expanded so much that many concrete, metal and cast iron pipes are being replaced with polyethylene pipes. The three-quarter polyethylene pipe is one of the most widely used pipes in urban infrastructure, especially for the purpose of transferring fluids.

Specifications of 3/4 polyethylene pipe

The three-quarter polyethylene pipe has many uses in urban infrastructure, which can be used to irrigate agricultural lands, drip irrigation, urban and industrial sewage connections, cover metal pipes, cover electric cables, etc. . Cited. Therefore, despite the various uses of polyethylene pipe, when choosing this product correctly and accurately according to the place it is to be used, it is necessary to know the specifications of the three-quarter polyethylene pipe. Among the most important technical specifications of 25 mm polyethylene pipe are:

  1. The use of the pipe should be clearly defined for what it is for, for example, it is a water and sewage pipe or for transporting fluids such as gas.
  2. The type of material used in it should be known so that you can choose the best and most resistant one if it is used in sensitive places.
  3. The type of pipe grade must be specified.
  4. How much load a pipe can withstand is very important; Because the expectation from the pipe in the transfer of a fluid is that it can easily transfer the amount of load it carries in a special application.
  5. Another very important factor is the pipe size; Because in an application such as drip irrigation, the size of the pipe is very different from when you use it to transport sewage.
  6. Finally, after going through the mentioned steps, you must have determined the amount of square footage to be used in order to determine the amount of the cost, and this is an issue that is especially important in urban construction projects.

لوله پلی اتیلن 25 میلیمتر

In addition, the reason for the widespread use of 3.4 inch polyethylene pipe is its many positive features, which we briefly mention.

  1. Long lifespan due to high resistance to corrosion, decay
  2. High longevity against chemicals
  3. High flexibility feature
  4. Resistant to sunlight and UV
  5. Easy installation and strong connection
  6. light weight
  7. Low maintenance cost
  8. Design in different sizes
  9. High pressure tolerance
  10. Has suitable hydraulic properties

The price of 3/4 polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

The price of 3/4 polyethylene pipe is determined by various factors; But if we want to mention the most important ones, we can mention the quality of raw materials, the price of raw materials, the manufacturing company, the product brand, size, model, warranty, after-sales service, the amount of supply and demand, and obtaining the necessary standards. However, nowadays, most of the manufacturing companies, such as Vala Polymer, which is one of the producers of 25 mm polyethylene pipes, do not announce the prices of their products in a fixed list due to the fluctuations of the currency market. You can contact our experts at Vala Polymer to buy three-quarter polyethylene pipe.

buy 3/4 polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer

Wala Polymer Novin Manufacturing Industries has started its activity since 2005 in the design and production of various types of polymer pipes. The 3/4 inch polyethylene pipe is one of the most widely used polyethylene pipes, which Vala Polymer Novin company has used experts with experience and modern science in its design and manufacture in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. Buyers can get the latest information by visiting the site or contacting the company to find out about the price list of three-quarter polyethylene pipe.

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