Electrofusion joints


Use of electrofusion polyethylene joints

Electrofusion polyethylene connections is a type of polyethylene pipe connection that is installed on two pieces of polyethylene pipe using electrofusion technology. These types of connections are used in various industries, such as gas, water and sewage, oil and gas, and transportation, due to their high speed and accuracy in installation, as well as their high pressure resistance.

Electrofusion connections includes all connections used to connect polyethylene pipes in piping systems. These connections include different types of parts such as conversion, 90 degree elbow, 45 degree elbow, equal end, unequal end, connector, belt, cap, etc.

Using electrofusion joints, polyethylene pipe joints are installed with high speed and accuracy, and among their other advantages are high pressure resistance, non-permeability, non-deformation. Against environmental effects, as well as quick and easy installation. Also, by using electrofusion joints, the possibility of leakage at the connection points is greatly reduced, which directly helps to improve the efficiency and safety of the piping system.

Permissible pressure range of electrofusion joints

The working pressure of electrofusion joints varies depending on various factors, including the size of the joints, the type of material it is made of, and the manufacturer’s specifications. In general, electrofusion fittings are designed to withstand high pressure applications, and are manufactured from 10 atm working pressure to 25 atm working pressure. It is important to pay attention to the technical specifications and manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the connections are suitable for the specific application and operating conditions.

electrofusion polyethylene joints

How to weld electrofusion

electrofusion welding by electrofusion welding machine which is a welding machine (soldering) used to connect plastic parts such as polyethylene joints. By generating electric current and applying pressure to the parts, this device melts and connects them together. To perform the electrofusion welding process, an electrofusion welding machine is used, which includes the following:

  1. Electrofusion welding machine: This machine produces electric current by adjusting the voltage and electric current and is used to create the necessary heat for welding plastic parts.
  2. Electrofusion device connection wire: It is a wire known as electrode. During the electrofusion welding process, the electrode enters the plastic joint and is heated by high voltage electric current.
  3. Connectors: These connectors are used as a connection between the electrofusion welding machine and the electrode.

By connecting the connectors to the electrofusion welding machine and adjusting the tension and pressure on the polyethylene connection, the electrode enters the parts and by applying electric current, the polyethylene connection is melted and connected. be. After cooling, the electrofusion joint is considered strong and permanent. Compared to traditional methods such as butt fusion and…, this welding method is a fast, relatively simple process without the need for additional materials and is used for polyethylene joints in various industries.</p >

In addition to the mentioned capabilities, the electrofusion welding machine has some other advantages, which include:

  • Welding operations take place in the environment without any supporting gas and additional material.
  • The electrofusion welding machine is very simple and uncomplicated for the user.
  • This method saves time, very high precision in welding.

The price of electrofusion fittings

The price of electrofusion polyethylene joints is different from Butt fusion welding joints. Butt fusion is another method for connecting polyethylene pipes, in which polyethylene parts are joined together with the help of heat and pressure. This method is simpler and cheaper than the electrofusion method and is used for smaller projects and water and sewage transmission lines.

Therefore, the price of welded polyethylene fittings is usually lower than electrofusion polyethylene fittings. However, the cost of installation and equipment required to use both methods may be different and should be considered in determining the final price. Also, it is better to contact the experts of Vala Polymer Company to get the exact price and choose the best option for supplying the fittings and pipes you need according to the project conditions.

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