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Polyethylene pipe with size 800 mm Depending on the customer’s needs, from 4 atmospheres pressure to 32 atmospheres working pressure in Vala Polymer company, these pipes can be produced in different lengths. Polyethylene raw materials are made with high density and appropriate compressive strength.

Polyethylene pipe size 800 mm is used in irrigation networks, water distribution networks, sewage networks, fluid transfer in large projects. Also, due to their low weight and high durability, these pipes are much easier to install and carry than traditional metal pipes.

For example, these pipes are used to transport water to plains, agricultural areas, cities and towns, drinking water, electricity supply, industry, and other things.

Due to the large diameter of these pipes, they are optimal in terms of transportation, installation and maintenance costs and are suitable for large and development projects.

factors affecting the price of 800 mm size polyethylene pipe

The price of 800 mm polyethylene pipes is influenced by various factors. Some of these factors are:

  1. Raw materials: The price of polyethylene pipes is directly affected by the price of polyethylene raw materials. The higher the price of polyethylene raw materials, the higher the price of polyethylene pipes.
  2. Size and thickness of the pipe: The larger the size and thickness of the pipe, the higher the price of the pipe.
  3. Production method: The production method of polyethylene pipes also affects its price. Pipes that are produced with advanced methods have a higher price.
  4. Demand and supply: Like other goods, demand and supply can also affect the price of polyethylene pipes. If the demand for these types of pipes is more than the supply, their prices will be higher.
  5. Transportation cost: The cost of transportation also directly affects the price of polyethylene pipes. More transportation cost increases the price of pipes.
  6. Market conditions: market conditions such as economic conditions, laws and regulations, competition, etc. can also affect the price of polyethylene pipes and it move up or down.
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