Single wall polyethylene pipe



One of the types of polyethylene pipes is the single wall type. This product has many uses due to its durability and longevity. If we want to mention the applications of single-wall polyethylene pipe, we can mention water supply system, sewage, irrigation networks, drainage, transfer of chemical fluids, gas supply, telecommunication cable covering, etc. Perhaps, in some cases, this product has been introduced with the name single-layer polyethylene pipe, which has no difference.

Specifications of single wall polyethylene pipe

P.E. PE materials are made in crude oil refineries by conducting polymerization reactions. This type of pipe has several very important characteristics; Among the most important specifications of single-walled polyethylene pipe, the following can be mentioned:

  • It is resistant to all kinds of chemicals;
  • It is resistant to rust, wear and corrosion;
  • It has the ability to withstand cold temperatures;
  • It can withstand hot temperature;
  • It is resistant to breaking and cracking;
  • It has a low roughness coefficient;
  • It can be used on uneven ground;
  • It has high flexibility;
  • It has the ability to weld plastic;
  • It is not taken due to sediments;
  • It weighs very little compared to other tubes;
  • It is resistant to high pressure.

Single wall polyethylene pipe price list

single wall polyethylene pipe standards

Industrial products are produced based on global standards and measured accordingly. Single-wall polyethylene pipes are also produced according to international industry standards. Three of the single wall polyethylene pipe standards include:

  • DIN 16963 standard: single wall polyethylene welding joints are produced under this standard. Also, its quality is tested in the factory’s laboratory under the supervision of the quality control department.
  • ASTM standard: Based on this standard, there are requirements that must be met for mechanical, physical, design, installation and commissioning in this type of pipes and their connections. Since single wall polyethylene pipe has very important applications, its quality is very important. So, if a manufacturer uses this standard in the production of its pipes, it can be said that the product is of good quality.
  • ISIRI 1331 standard: This standard is issued by the standard institute to all companies, including Vala Polymer, and everyone should keep it in mind. The purpose of this standard is to specify the required characteristics of pipes produced from polyethylene and used for water transportation.

The price of single wall polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

The price of single wall polyethylene pipe depends on many factors. One of these factors is the quality and type of raw materials that affect its final price. The size of the pipe also plays a role in its cost; The larger the pipe size, the more expensive it should be. In addition, the grade of single-walled polyethylene pipes and its brand also affect its price.

In the last few years, currency price fluctuations in the market have made it impossible to determine the exact price of products. The raw materials used to make single wall polyethylene pipes are directly affected by the currency price. For this reason, companies publish price list of single wall polyethylene pipe on a daily basis. In Valapolymer, the price of this product is fluctuating due to the mentioned reasons, so you can contact us to get the price of the day.

Buy single wall polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer

To buy single wall polyethylene pipe, you must finalize your purchase from a reputable company. One of the most reliable companies in this field is Wala Polymer Novin, which has a brilliant history for several years. In fact, we started our activity in 2015 and we are currently selling all kinds of polyethylene pipes for gas supply, sewage, industrial, etc. It is enough to contact us and Vala Polymer consultants will guide you in buying this product.


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