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Vala Polymer Co. Manufacturer of monolithic polyethylene pipes from 20 to 800 mm with a pressure of 2.5 to 32 bar


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Features single layer pipes from 20 to 800 sizes

  • High temperature tolerance, cold water use, hot and cold use
  • Variation in pipes and fittings
  • No light passes through the pipes and fittings, thereby preventing algae penetration
  • Application in water supply, gas supply, irrigation industries
  • Application in industrial industries
  • Application in Health Medical Industries
  • Applications in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  • Pipes can be packed in sizes from 20 to 110 by 200 to 50 meters
  • The ability to pack 125 to 800mm pipes in branches of 6 – 12 and even 13.5 meters (for ease of export) at customer’s request

Some Benefits of Single Layer Pipes Compared to Metal Pipes:

  • No offense
  • No rust
  • No decay
  • Resistance to acids and bases
  • High flexibility of PE pipe installation and installation
  • Pressure tolerance of 32 atmospheres for cold water (20 C) and 10 atmospheres for hot water (70 C)
  • Much lighter weight than metal pipes
  • No internal surface roughness (as a result of very low pressure drop)
  • Ease and speed of installation