Polyethylene pipe fittings

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The use of polyethylene lines, which mainly transport fluids such as oil, gas, water, and sewage, has expanded greatly in recent years. One of the reasons for its popularity is the use of appropriate polyethylene connections, which increase the safety and resistance of these lines. In the following, we will review its specifications, types and prices.

Specifications of polyethylene joints

In recent years, the use of polyethylene pipes has expanded so that it has almost replaced cast iron, steel, and concrete pipes in the transmission and distribution of gas, oil, water, etc. Due to the fact that these pipes have different functions, their safety and technical principles must be carried out accurately during the line. One of these standards is the use of polyethylene joints suitable for the function of a line so that it can continue to work without problems and faults in the transmission and distribution of fluid inside it.

For this reason, the specifications of polyethylene fittings are such that they must comply with many safety standards and can be used for years with the lowest maintenance and repair costs. In the following, we briefly explain the characteristics of polyethylene joints.

  • Resistance to pressure, impact and vibrations
  • Resistance to abrasion, rust, breakage and corrosion
  • Chemical resistance
  • Easy installation without the need for complicated tools
  • Prevents the formation of sediment and algae

Types of polyethylene joints

Polyethylene joints are divided into four categories: electrofusion, welding, injection and screwing. In the following, we will define the types of polyethylene joints by determining the functional area of each.

Electrofusion joints

This type of connection is used in gas transmission and distribution lines, and due to the sensitivity and importance of such projects, the type of connection must have high safety, and electrofusion connections are more reliable than the other three types. Also, this type of connection is the most expensive.

miter joints (welded)

Welded joints are joints that are produced by two devices, fusion and electrofusion. This type of connection is more widely used than other connections so that it can be used in all lines and projects in different sizes.

Injection joints

Injection connections are used in lines where the pressure on the line is low, such as irrigation, agricultural uses, etc. This type of connection has become very popular due to its easy installation, wide variety and low weight.

Screw connections

Screw connections do not require a welding machine and are only used in irrigation systems.

The price of polyethylene fittings in Vala Polymer

In recent decades, the use of polyethylene pipes and fittings in various uses such as gas supply, water supply, sewage, etc. is increasing. New Valapolymer Manufacturing Industries has started its activity since 2005 to produce and supply all kinds of polyethylene pipes and fittings.

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