8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe



8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe is one of the different types of polyethylene pipes that are used in many fields. These types of polyethylene pipes are produced in different thicknesses based on the type of project. The very good features and characteristics of the polyethylene pipe with a pressure of 8 atmospheres have made them use it in various places.

Those who want to use this type of polyethylene pipes must first have detailed information about its specifications, price and how to buy it, and then take the necessary steps to buy it. to do On this page to the specifications,

8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe specification

The specifications of pressure polyethylene pipe 8 are:

  • This product with grade PE80 and high density (HDPE span>) has the ability to withstand a working pressure of 8 atmospheres. Of course, in the state of tension, this pressure tolerance increases up to 10 atmospheres. This means that the polyethylene pipe can withstand a pressure of 8 bar up to 10 atmospheres and does not crack or break.
  • This type of polyethylene pipe can be connected to all types of ball valves, sliding valves, conversion connectors, end caps, etc. 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipes produced by Vala Polymer have obtained all international approvals and certificates and are of the best quality. Since these types of pipes have the approval of the Food and Drug Organization as well as the approval of the National Standard Organization, they are considered a very suitable option for transporting safe and sanitary water.
  • It is very resistant to atmospheric pressure, temperature and water pressure. This has caused them to use polyethylene pipes with a pressure of 8 atmospheres instead of cast iron or concrete pipes in the field of urban or rural water supply.
  • In addition to urban and rural water supply, due to the light weight and high resistance of this type of polyethylene pipe, it is used for irrigation under pressure under or on the soil surface. They also use.

Among the tests that have been performed on the polyethylene pipe 8 times, we can include density determination test, melt flow index test, carbon test determination test, pressure test Hydrostatic, tension test, thermal return test, burst pressure test, pipe dimension and appearance measurement test, compression test and OIT test.

8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe

The price of 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

Usually those who intend to buy 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe; They should pay attention to various points. One of these very important points is to know the price of 8 bar polyethylene pipe; But the price of polyethylene pipe with a pressure of 8 atmospheres is affected by factors such as strong currency fluctuations and rapid market changes. For this reason, a fixed price cannot be considered for it.

For detailed information about price list of 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe, you should contact Vala Polymer Novin company. Valapolymer is one of the most reliable companies operating in this field.

Purchase of 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipe at Vala Polymer

A very important point that buyers of 8 bar pressure polyethylene pipes should pay attention to is to make their purchase through a reliable and long-established company. . Vala Polymer Novin is one of the best and most reliable companies that works in the field of producing polymer pipes.

Products produced in Valapolymer; It has a quality standard certificate and we export them to foreign countries. So, if you intend to buy the polyethylene pipe with a pressure of 8 atmospheres in the best quality, just visit the Vala Polymer website and use the advice and guidance of our experts to buy and get information about the price of this product.

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