Two inch polyethylene pipe



Polyethylene Pipe is one of the most widely used pipes in the industry; These pipes have unique properties and characteristics due to the polyethylene material that is the main component of it. For this reason, in recent decades, fluids such as water, oil, gas, sewage, etc. are transported by these polyethylene pipes. 2 inch polyethylene pipe is one of the types of polyethylene pipes that are mostly used in different parts of water transportation.

2 inch polyethylene pipe specifications

Two inch polyethylene pipe specifications Similar to other polyethylene pipes, it has unique and special features that make it one of the most popular products in the water supply sector. has done. The most important features of the two-inch polyethylene pipe are:

  • resistant to chemicals;
  • Impact resistant;
  • Resistant to sunlight;
  • resistant to wear and corrosion;
  • Flexibility;
  • light weight;
  • easy connectivity;
  • Smooth and with very little or no roughness.

The use of polyethylene pipe with size 64 mm can be mainly in normal irrigation and water transfer, linear and non-linear irrigation systems, use in drip irrigation and Irrigation systems are under pressure.

64 mm size polyethylene pipe

The price of two inch polyethylene pipe in Vala Polymer

Many factors play a fundamental role in determining the price of two-inch polyethylene pipe, which can be attributed to the quality of raw materials, the price of raw materials, the manufacturing company, and the degree of fame. He mentioned the brand, model, warranty, after-sales service, currency fluctuations in the market and the amount of supply and demand for the product in the market.

These days, economic factors such as currency fluctuations in the market have caused two-inch polyethylene pipe manufacturers such as Valapolymer Company to have problems announcing the price of their products in the long term. However, customers and buyers can contact our colleagues at Vala Polymer to know the price list of two inch polyethylene pipe.

Buy two inch polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer

New Valapolymer Manufacturing Industries is known as one of the pioneers in the production of various types of polymer pipes, including two-inch polyethylene pipes, which has started its activity since 2005. Today, polyethylene pipes are widely used in the transfer of fluids such as water, oil, gas, sewage, etc.; So that in urban infrastructures, in order to fix the defects that metal, concrete, cast iron, clay, etc. pipes had in transferring fluids, they are being replaced with polymer pipes.

In order to increase customer satisfaction, our experts have made every effort to deliver high-quality products to customers. You can contact our experts at Vala Polymer to get information about the process of buying two-inch polyethylene pipe from Vala Polymer and also to know the daily price of this product so that they can guide you.

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